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25% of Pennsylvania’s citizens receive welfare assistance from the State.


Welfare makes up 40% of the State budget.


40% of those that apply are denied assistance


Pennsylvania only spends 20% of their TANF funds on basic assistance for needed families.


State welfare spending has grown three times faster than the rest of the state budget.

In Depth

With one fourth of Pennsylvania receiving financial assistance from the state and many others in need being turned down there is a serious need to make sure our welfare funds are being utilized as efficiently as possible.

Since 1997 the number of families living in poverty has risen by 50% despite only a small rise in the States population and state welfare spending has grown three times faster than the rest of the state budget over the past 15 yrs.

Our past policies have led us to a dependency on welfare which has created fast growing reliance on government programs that can’t be sustained.  The Pennsylvania Department of Welfare has over 17,000 employees and distributes funds to over 2.8 million people a year.  This huge department is full of waste and inefficiencies.   

One example of this is according to reports by The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Pennsylvania only spends 20% of their Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) on basic assistance to help poor families. 

As your State Representative, I will support legislation that helps families break the dependency for government assistance.  I will also push for ways to have our welfare programs operate more efficiently.  One way I plan on doing this is to Introduce a bill called the Pennsylvania Charitable Credit Act.

The PCCA would allow taxpayers to receive a full tax credit on donations made to charities up to $500 per individual.  This is similar to legislation that passed in Arizona in 1997.  In 2016 over 130,000 filers in Arizona were able to direct $52 million in taxes to state-approved charities.  Similar legislation in Pa would help scale down the reliance on government welfare while empowering individuals and communities to grow the charities that are doing the best job to help their neighbors. 

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Charitable Credit Act please visit wedobetter.org   




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