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Parents need to be allowed to be more involved in how their kids are educated.


We need to support a larger variety of alternative schooling.


The cost of education has doubled over the past 15 years without any significant results.


PSSA scores are significantly lower than the were 15 years ago.


Our children’s education is one of the most important things for both their future and the future of Pennsylvania.  So naturally, it sounds great when we hear our politicians say that they are going to spend more money on education.  This has been a common trend over the past 15 years. The cost, per student, for a public school education in Pennsylvania has more than doubled in that time from $9000-$19,000 per student.  Despite such a drastic increase in spending our literacy rates have not improved, PSSA scores are dropping, and dropout rates have barely declined.

We need to take a look at our education system and implement real solutions.  This is a problem that simply throwing money at it won’t fix.  It’s time for Pennsylvania to support alternative schooling ideas like trade schools, apprenticeships, and homeschooling.

The parents need to have more choices in how their kids are being educated and what their children are being taught.

As your Representative in the State House, I will support and introduce legislation that empowers the parents and gives them more options in how their children are educated. I will work to create healthy competition and introduce ways to expand beyond traditional means of education. 


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